Starman: March 2012

Starman is now published in paperback, with some revisions, in the UK. Check out the Starman Facebook page for more information.

Please watch this space or email me for further news and, in the meantime, check out the following background reading and look through the photo gallery, recently updated.

Click above for a tour of Bowie people & places

Why Bowie? The reasons for writing Starman

Early Bowie

V1 Schneider: the architecture of Brixton

“Conn by name”: a celebration of David’s first manager

Uncle Arthur and other creations: Dek Fearnley

Ziggy and more

Phone home: David Bowie’s Soho

Brel, Aliens and Love songs: Lesley Duncan

A letter from Hermione: Hermione Farthingale

Lay The Real Thing On Me: the Arnold Corns story

Golden Year: The making of Hunky Dory

“He’s gonna be a star”: Melody Maker, January 1972

Touchdown: Terry Pastor and the Ziggy sleeve

Seducing the World: Scott Richardson


The Idiot: Phil Palmer

Safe European Home: the making of Low

Tibo: Laurent Thibault

Heathen histories

“I will not make product”: Mark Plati Q&A