I’ve introduced a small section of this site devoted to denim. It includes an FAQ on the Levi’s 501,  a model-by-model geek’s guide, below, a tour of Cone, the world’s oldest denim producer, and a Denim Glossary.

The guide gives you a brief idea of how denim has changed since it first became popular on the West Coast in the 1880s. Those developments, in their own way, embody population and cultural changes in America and worldwide over a century or more, as manufacture moved from homes to factories; the fabric itself was produced first in a huge industrial town in New Hampshire, and later in the Cone Factory in North Carolina, which continues to produce denim for LVC 501 models to this day.

I’ve also appended a brief list of denim links below, please email me if you have any suggested additions.

Cone Factory Tour

Denim Glossary

Levi’s 501 FAQ

501 model guide:

• 1880 Nevada •  1880 XX • ‘First Blue Jean’ 1890  • 1901 • 1915 • 1922 201 1933  • 193719441947 19551966 • 1978 •

Denim Links

Superfuture - a great source for information on all varieties of denim.

Denim News - a well-informed website from an industry insider.

E-workers - blog by Takashi Tateno, focusing on workwear brands.

A Continuous Lean - clothing related blog with more great links.

Let’s Go As You Like - blog by Ryui, showing mostly Japanese jeans at various stages of wear!

Erwin Mills - focuses on the history of the West Durham factories, where some of the world’s first Sanforized denim was manufactured.

Cotton Duck - style guide with great photos of Mr Freedom and other denim.